14, July 2016

Significance Of Custom Challenge Coins

Lapel pins, badges, medals, emblems and patches can signify one’s membership to an organization by looking only at their collars and their clothes, but military men have their own unique way of telling that a man is an outstanding soldier or that he is part of a unit- and that is by producing a challenge coin. It is a small round disc, often being smaller than an inch in diameter to having three inches in diameter; containing a unit’s emblem or a department’s insignia, and shown during challenges to avoid paying a beer or two.

Following Are The Significance Of Custom Challenge Coins :

custom military coinsMilitary challenge coins are often placed in pockets or in wallets so they would be easy to produce when a challenge occurs. However, not all persons in possession of challenge coins engage in coin checks or in challenges. Most people (who do not engage in such challenges) consider their challenge coins as personal mementos, tokens of hardship, sacrifice and success that needs caring for. Some people do not even consider their custom challenge coins as “challenge coins” in the first place, since they are tokens of recognition from the people a man met, the places a man has been and the units and departments a man has been stationed with.

These people consider their coins as information triggers that could remind them of what has happened and of what can happen. To these people, their coins do not simply mean they are known members of an organization, but they are successful in their endeavors. At Challenge Coins 4 Less, your mementos will be built to last, like your memories linked with them.

Non-military coins are slowly gaining popularity these days as these challenge coins are being used in the Police and Fire departments, in fraternities, in NASCAR and the NFL. Even the Utah Symphony and Opera gave its members custom challenge coins in 2007, and it’s actually the first organization of its kind to do so – in America. More and more people and organizations are hooked in this coin minting activity that even business corporations and companies like Harley-Davidson have their motorcyclists form one of their own to show that they have a bond like those who served in the militia, and that they are proud that they are known to have this particular motorcycle ownership.

Custom Coins

These non-military custom challenge coins could also be made by Challenge Coins 4 Less, with little hassle and fast service, with free shipping all over USA! You can access their coin gallery when you visit their website. Most non-military coins that they are minting would be orders from the Police departments, fire departments and from business or private corporations; these coins could also be customized for your liking, and if you ever feel stuck with the design or the enhancements of your keepsake coins, the graphic artists will surely be there to help!

The memories, and the significance of your coins to you, as a recipient or as a collector, is taken very seriously at Challenge Coins 4 Less. That is why they are offering you many options to choose from when it comes to your coin packaging- there are other packaging available other than the standard PVC pouch that comes for free, like the velvet bag, the coin capsule, the velvet presentation box, the custom pouch insert and, the coin stand.

custom challenge coins

You could also pick from available metal styles such as polished gold, polished silver, black nickel, polished brass and polished copper as free standard options for your custom challenge coins. Your coins could have one-sided covering, or a two-sided coloring, but most people would still go for the traditional die struck coin that is manufactured when a die, containing an inverse version of the emblem or the design of your coin is struck on the coin. It creates a simple, elegant coin in the end. But that’s not all.

You will be given a four-step process to make your dream custom challenge coins, with free quote, artwork and proofing. Step one would include sending us your files and ideas through email. Step two would include choosing your coin shape. Step three includes choosing a metal style that would suit your style and your design. Then lastly, you will have more coin options to choose from, from coin packaging, to epoxy or enamel coating. All you need to do to get yours now would be clicking “approve” and giving the address of where you want to have it delivered!

Challengecoins4less offers a full scope of alternatives to make your Custom Challenge Coins as one of a kind as your unit.

13, June 2016

PCB Assembly 101 – Printed Circuit Board Basics

Computing in the modern day is not what it used to be. In the early days of computing, programmers had to struggle with giant-sized components that are housed in actual rooms just to solve simple mathematical equations. Maintenance was such a big issue then, when vacuum tubes, which are devices used to control the electric currents, would overheat and have to be replaced every now and then.

Nowadays, computing is so advanced that what once required a whole room to function now fits on the palm of your hand! There are even chips that are so small you wouldn’t believe they’re capable of processing billions of data in a fraction of a second.

What was the innovation that made the leap from vacuum tubes to modern day portable devices possible?

Printed circuit boardsPrinted circuit boards, or PCBs, as they are called in manufacturing and electronics industries, are boards where tiny transistors and integrated circuits are attached in order to provide electrical connection between these components. The manufacture of PCB assembly is a booming industry, and here are the things you should know about this indispensable technology.

Brief Background on PCBs

Many inventors experimented with the early concepts of the printed circuit board, among them Albert Hanson, Thomas Edison, and Arthur Berry. Originally, computers were not made for public use, as they required large and expensive materials that have to be maintained every now and then. But later on, as the world recovered from threats of war, the technological advancements brought about were commercialized and improved.

The nearest relative of the printed circuit board is the process known as point-to-point wiring. Point-to-point wiring means that thin insulated wired were manually interconnected in board, therefore making this a laborious process. These components also short-circuited every so often, and wire junctions were unreliable in day-to-day use.

However, the modern printed circuit boards make use of various technologies in electronics and design to produce components that are not only reliable but also efficient. Insulated wires are a thing of the past, as electrical connections are now made by printing lines and traces directly on the boards and cards. These lines and pads connect the various components of the printed circuit board, which are soldered in place. This is basically how PCB assemblies are made by manufacturing companies.

More Than Meets the Eye

Printed circuit boards come in many shapes and sizes and are sometimes called different names depending on how the board was built and the electric components used.

printed wiring boardAmong manufacturing circles, a board without embedded electrical components is commonly known as a printed wiring board (PWB) or an etched wiring board (EWB). On the other hand, a PCB with various components that are etched on the board itself is called a printed circuit board assembly, or simply PCB assembly.

More and more businesses have to make use of PCB assemblies in order to modernize their work environments, and there’s a lot of things to know about these boards.

Here are the most common things you should know about them:

  • You can design your own PCB!

In PCB assembly, the only phase that requires human creativity and imagination is the designing part. After that, most of the process of printing the circuits and soldering the electrical components onto the board are done using automated machines.

This means that anyone with a little background in electronics and access to the Internet can design their own PCB! You just need to get a computer-aided design (CAD) software which you will use in laying out the components of your own board, and with enough research, you can come up with a board that works.

There might be some problems on your first few PCBs, but if you’re looking to cut down on costs, then this is the way to go.

  • There are methods for producing PCBs for either mass production or for simple hobbyists.

After the design phase of PCB manufacturing, there are many methods to manufacture the physical boards, depending on the volume and purpose.

For mass production, the silk screen printing and photoengraving methods are more efficient. For small-scale productions, methods such as PCB milling and laser resist ablation are more common. Hobbyists can also create their own PCBs, if they’re patient enough to learn the tedious processes, like immersion etching.

Prior to the sending commands to the automated machines, the PCB fabrication data are first collected and verified by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. PCBs are then grouped into larger boards called panels for large volume orders, and then sent to the machines for printing.

  • Buying printed circuit boards online are now easier than ever.

Due to the growing popularity of PCB assemblies, manufacturing companies are being more creative in their approach to the tough competition on the consumer market. Fortunately, this has led to convenience in the part of the customers who are looking for easier ways to get PCBs. Imagineering, Inc. is one of the leaders in the PCB manufacturing industry that offers an online quoting tool that lets you upload your design and receive a turnkey quote within minutes!

The world of printed circuit boards is a big one, but with these tips, buying a quality PCB assembly can be a hassle-free activity that won’t cost you a fortune.

27, May 2016

A Guide to Knowing the Different Kinds of Golf Equipment

Golf Attire

Golf courses require their players to wear a certain set of golf attire. The basic apparel for people who wish to play golf is a collared polo shirt and pair of slacks. There are some golf courses that allow shorts to be worn inside. Women also have the choice among golf pants, shorts, or skirts.

Players could also wear golf shoes, as most courses do not allow rubber shoes. These are shoes with soft spikes at the sole. The materials used for these spikes are usually plastic or metal. They are added to the shoes to help the player keep his balance when swinging and are made soft so that the ground and grass would not be destroyed by the shoes.


Golf balls

This is one of the most common golf equipment around. It is a small ball with dimples covering the surface. All golf balls, before it could be sold to the public, are required to pass a test of approval. There are also different kinds of golf balls available.

Golf Clubs

Clubs are used to hit the gold balls. This golf equipment could be the most expensive equipment that a player could buy in his quest to learn and play golf. As such, it would be better for a person to decide first whether he is really invested in playing sports before actually investing in the golf equipment. If he is not as determined or excited to play, it is highly recommended that he just borrow the golf clubs provided in the courses.

The different classes of clubs are the putters, wedges, irons, woods, and the hybrid. A player is allowed to bring a maximum of 14 clubs. All clubs are numbered depending on how long a distance they could make a ball fly.

Golf Bags

These bags were first designed to carry the clubs. There are bags made to be carried, wheeled around, and even placed in golf carts. Most of the golf clubs have side pockets where other golf equipment could be placed.

Golf Carts

These are the only kind of vehicles, aside from the utility vehicles, that are allowed inside the golf courses. The carts could transport either the players and their bags or their bags alone around the golf courses. The carts that are made only for golf equipment are called hand carts.

Club Head Covers

Club head covers are used to cover the head of the clubs so that the impact from collision when placed inside the golf bag could be lessened. Covering the clubs would prevent the clubs from getting abrasions and scratches. Club head covers also have numbers on them corresponding to the number of the club it is covering.

Ball Marker

Ball markers are used when a player needs to lift his ball from the ground and replace it with something that would mark the same location as the ball. Though balls are generally not allowed to be picked up, there are still some situations where it is necessary, such as when it falls in the line of the opponent’s putting.

Golf Tees

A golf tee is the small spike embedded in the ground and is used to hold the ball in place. This spike has a small cup at the top where the ball is placed. This is used so that a player has an easier shot of his ball and is used only for the first shot of the round. The tees come in different lengths. To choose an appropriate tee, a player would first choose a club and then choose a length that would match the club to be used. wide variety of equipment with different shapes and sizes are only available on rockbottomgolf.com.

29, April 2016

Why should you customize your Id lanyards?

Id lanyards are usually used in companies to hold identification cards. They can also be used to hold valuables to keep them from getting lost. They are a useful tool that can be used in many ways.

Id lanyards normally come in plain solid colors. These can become quite boring because nothing would differ your lanyard from the rest. Luckily, manufacturers found a way to customize these Id lanyards so consumers can make it their own.

There are hundreds of online services that offer customized Id lanyards, some of which would even allow you to send your own designs so they can print them for you.

ID-lanyardsWhat’s the point in customizing the little scrap of fabric that goes around your neck? Here is a list of reasons why you should consider customizing your Id lanyards:

•  They are not expensive :

Online services that offer customized Id lanyards have cheaper rates nowadays. Plus they even have bulk prices which will allow you to save more.

• Hassle-free :

As stated above, there are companies that offer online services and you can complete entire transactions on the internet. This is convenient for you because you wouldn’t have to go to shops and end up making several trips whenever something comes up.

• They also deliver the finished products to your home :

All you have to do is wait for a few days for production to finish. Then, the Id lanyards will arrive at your doorstep at the agreed time and day.

• You can use them as prizes or giveaways for parties or contests :

A customized one will definitely be more attractive than a plain one.

•  You can use it to promote a product or a company :

You can choose to customize it in a way that a name of a certain company will be showcased. You can start giving it away and it is like introducing your company or product to the person you are giving the lanyard to. If you have employees, a custom lanyard with your company logo or name will help you identify them in a crowd. If you require fieldwork for your employees and they don’t have a uniform, then the lanyard can act as some sort of identification tool.

• You can make a business customizing the Id lanyards.

If you have a knack for design and you create unique ones, you can sell them for a higher price once they are delivered to you.

• You can use it as a branding tool as well :

During events or meetings, having your employees wear a lanyard with your company’s name is a great advertising technique. You can establish a good image for your company as long as those wearing the lanyard maintain a good demeanor.

•Custom Id lanyards can act as a gift for the people in your life :

It is a one-of-a-kind gift that is bound to make the receiver feel special.

• You can customize these Id lanyards to act as an organizer :

When you have a lot of keys for the house, your office, and car then you are bound to confuse yourself in identifying which is which. If you attach these keys to Id lanyards then you can easily tell them apart. As long as the designs on these Id lanyards differ from each other. If you do decide to customize your Id lanyards, you just have to find the right service provider that will fit your needs and your budget. Most have flexible rates so that will not be a big problem for you.

There are a lot of reasons why you should start customizing your Id lanyards. It is up to you which one will be enough reason for you to do so.

2, April 2016

How to Market Real Estate

Since the dawn of time, real estate brokers or agents have been assisting people buy and sell properties. In this day and age however, the industry has made a huge turn because of online marketing. It’s all about innovation and being able to reach a larger network.

Whether you’re new to the business or you’ve been a professional for years, there are always ways to improve your marketing strategies. Your success as a realtor depends your ability to market your property.

Use the following tips to help you out in marketing your real estate property :

1. Optimize customer comminications by including marketing material

Always include marketing materials to attract your potential clients and improve your business’ image. Use various mediums like: e-mail, calls, social media or even direct mail. The more visible your company is, the better the chances to attract the right clients.

2. Acquire your own website

Having a website of your own is like having a business card. In today’s day and age, a website is essential for any business. This allows you to market your company in a more professional manner.

3. Improve your ranking on Google

Being able to up your ranking on Google will reduce your marketing expenses by a great amount. Google ranks businesses based on the following: location, relevance and prominence. Use search engine optimization techniques on your website to make this possible.

4. Pay-Per-Click online advertising

Real EstateThese are the sponsored links and banners that pop-up when you’re on other sites. These links drive traffic to your website and exposes your business to various users. The key to this sort of advertising is graphics. Using eye-catching ads to attract people to click on the banner is a sure way for you to reel in potential clients.

5. Surveys

Being able to know what your customer wants is highly beneficial to your business. This would help you identify the areas of improvement your company needs to work on and what specific strengths you have that keep your clients coming back.

6. Maximize the use of social media

Social media sites are a filled with all sorts of consumers. These sites give us huge opportunities in reaching out to more people. However, it’s not just about being able to promote and advertise. Being on social media means engaging with your customers on a personal level. This works out a lot for different industries. Clients who feel a personal connection with your business are more likely to buy from you.

7. Positive customer feedback

When customers close a deal with you and they’re highly satisfied with the properties they’ve acquired, encourage them to share their feedback. This can be as simple as an online review or a tweet. You can also use their feedback on your website to attract more clients. The power of customer satisfaction can go a long way with marketing.

8. Start blogging

Being able to publish a blog with real-estate-related contentwill be kind of tricky. Since general content may get lost in the shuffle, it’s best to be particular. You can start with the type of lifestyle your client is looking for or anything as simple as tips on moving. This would attract traffic to your site and in turn, be a self-sufficient marketing strategy.

9. Daily contact

Make sure your clients are able to keep your company in their minds by simply keeping in touch. Try not to look like a sales personnel by engaging in an interactive yet professional level.

There are truly a lot of techniques you can use to market real estate nowadays, and these are just some of the tips.

29, March 2016

Green Materials Used In Making Eco-Friendly ID Lanyards

Nylon and rubber are the top materials used in making ID lanyards. However, technological advancements in thread and fabric manufacturing gave birth to new materials used for ID holders. They paved the way to introducing threads that let customers order environment-friendly lanyards.

Bamboo ID Holders

Bamboo is known for making several furnishings and home design displays. Nevertheless, many textile companies are able to produce their own textile line using this wood material.

Unlike other wood types, bamboo is considered as the most resilient tree because of its form. Because of its resilience, converting bamboo fibers to textile thread is simple and without the need for harsh chemicals for processing. Therefore, bamboo threads woven to be ID lanyards emerge as the real eco-friendly badge holders sold today.

ID LanyardsAs a type of wood, potential buyers don’t think that this material is going to be comfortable on the skin. However, cloth made from bamboo threads are regarded as among the most comfortable material in fabric production. Threads produced have the same texture as cotton threads, which means that the produced fabric is comfortable on the skin. Many users don’t find them irritating on the skin because of bamboo’s organic feature.

Lanyard users with sensitive skin can wear them all day and daily without experiencing allergic reaction. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight material with durable properties that contribute to lanyards’ long term use. Nowadays, this is one of the most popular lanyard materials because of its availability and the number of people acknowledging its advantage as a textile.

PET Bottle ID Holders

PET, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, is also the last material that comes in mind in manufacturing ID holders. PET is the material used for making plastic soda and beverage bottles. Making ID lanyards out of this material may seem impossible on top of being challenging, but experts are able to produce them through a series of processes.

First, PET is shredded into fibers, which will be processed in making polyester threads in preparation for weaving. Once woven, providers will start printing necessary texts to personalize the lanyard or sell them as generic ones for buyers with rush orders. Despite being made from plastic material, it has no problem absorbing textile paint upon printing. PET bottle lanyards are comfortable to wear as the process converted PET fibers to soft threads.


Corn is known for being among the famous crops and staple food for people living in other parts of the world. However, special parts of this crop can be used as thread fiber after processing. Processing is also simple using new techniques utilized by textile companies. They make threads coming from this crop durable by subjecting them to various procedures, making them suitable for uses that require a great deal of weaving.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is one of the most famous fabric materials because it produces lightweight and breathable fabric. Getting 100 percent pure cotton even for lanyards translates to comfort whenever users wear them for work, school or other activities. Due to cotton’s features, buyers must expect price differences with other regular lanyard materials. Nevertheless, their features are enough to convince clients that they are worthy investments for companies or other activities. They can also come in various colors because cotton is easy to dye. Weaving is simpler and produces the finest lanyards with both durable and comfortable features.

Many companies and organizations are going green on their operations, which also prompted them to get eco-friendly ID lanyards as part of their goal. Eco-friendly badge holders come in a wide array of designs and accessories that match companies’ branding strategies. Budget-saving options are offered to help clients get these ID lace option at better prices.

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Neck card lanyards are incredible for keys, id cards, name identifications and the sky is the limit from there. Ideal for exchange appear, occasions, tradition, school, government, security and more.

28, March 2016

Guidelines for Conducting Effective Safety Presentations

When doing safety presentations, it is important that you get your point across effectively. To do that, here are some of the training guidelines to conduct an effective safety presentation.

Adults Learn in Different Ways

Keep in mind that you are teaching adults who might be being reminded of their prior skills or just learning new skills. Adults are mostly independent and have a whole lot of experiences. They learn quicker because of these experiences, especially if they could combine these safety guidelines with their past experiences. As much as possible, give your best effort to do this.

For them to successfully receive your safety message, consider these guidelines on how adults learn. They learn when:

•    They understand concisely and clearly what they are being told.
•    They find meaning to what you tell them and how it affects their    job.
•    You ask them to participate by providing their opinions and suggestions.
•    They get positive reinforcement when they do things right.
•    They become expert in the skill through constant practice.


Ask Questions

This is perhaps the most important role of a safety trainer. Asking questions during safety presentations encourages the employees to be involved in the learning process by having them to think, share ideas, and solve problems. The best way that they will learn is when they are engaged in the training.

Treat all questions with respect and do not answer with sarcasm. Never assume that employees should know the answers. When you ask questions, you can check for clarity and test their understanding on the subject. Training is not as simple as giving them a dos and don’ts list. It requires a two-way communication between you and the employees so that the training would stick and become a routine. The following will help:

1.    Ask open-ended questions

Start your questions with how, why, what, where or when. You can find solutions together if you ask questions that would determine that your message gets across. The questions you ask in safety presentations can be examples that are happening from your own company.


•    How do you prevent accidents by keeping the work area floor free from sawdust?
•    What caused the near miss to happen?

2.    Avoid close-ended questions

Often, close-ended questions get short answers, such as yes, nor, or maybe. Because these questions suppress involvement, they limit the conversation. At times, they can be useful to check assumptions, but you should not always use them.


•    As a worker, do you know your responsibilities according to OSHA Law and Regulations?
•    Is it important to know about hazardous materials?

3.    Probe

Ask probing questions if you want the employees to talk and share their knowledge.


•    Can you please tell us more about that near miss that you experienced?
•    Can you explain further about the safety requirements for scaffolding?

Be an Example

Do not assume that all employees already know the things that will be discussed in the safety presentations. Some of them might have forgotten this information or have never been told about it. Also, do not expect all of them to understand everything the first time you say it and be able to do it immediately. Repetition is the key here.

During training, be honest about the things you know and do not know about the topic. Take your time to expand your knowledge and to make the training more interesting, personalize it with your own experiences.

Motivate Good Behaviour

Supervisors are responsible in training the employees and correcting unsafe work habits. You need to guide the employees who may also be your friends. This task can be uncomfortable and difficult, mostly because you may need to tell your friends what they have to do to be safe.

By allowing your friends to develop unsafe working practices, you are not doing them a favour. This can result in serious life-changing injuries for them or other employees around them.

Be cautious all the time to make sure everyone follows safe work guidelines. Remove any hindrances that get in the way of the employees to follow safe work procedures. After each safety presentation, use these easy steps to motivate good behaviour and correct unsafe work practices:

•    Observe work activities to make sure all employees follow safety requirements correctly and consistently.
•    When you observe unsafe work habits, correct them as you go along your day-to-day activities.
•    When employees use safe work practices, make sure you support their positive behaviours.
•    Conduct safety presentations regularly and talk up safety on a daily basis to reinforce safe work habits.

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Safety presentations encourages the employees to be involved in the learning process by having them to think, share ideas, and solve problems. For more details visit www.motivational-speaker-success.com .

24, February 2016

Where and why to Buy Prohormones?

Prohormones are compounds that enable the body to produce anabolic steroids. These are legal substances because the conversion of steroids normally takes place in your body, and the body limits the amount it can produce. The conversion occurs in the liver and the enzymes found in the body should be present in order for the process to happen. The prohormones enhance the existing hormones, as compared to steroids that add hormones in the body. It is basically a variety of testosterone.

ProhormonesIt is important for prohormones to complete the cycle correctly and limit the amount of time it takes. Luckily, even in small amount it can provide the results that you want in muscle gain. Workouts and training are needed for the prohormones to be transformed correctly. Unluckily without the workout there is a possibility the prohormones will be converted into estrogen, which will have an opposite effect. There are some prohormones with added compounds like estrogen blockers as well as built-in liver support. Reducing caloric intake and clean diet are suggested for better results on prohormones.

Athletes and body builders buy prohormones to increase muscle mass, and increase the strength and size as fast as possible. It also can help in faster recovery  time from workouts and maintaining endurance if needed. The substance can definitely provide results and are safe for women in small amount. Those with wasting diseases can achieve great results after taking prohormones. It also helps them maintain their normal body weight. Older men buy prohormones for hormone replacement therapy purpose.

There are some side effects involved in taking prohormones. The effects will depend on the user and the type of prohormone. Some of the common side effects are prostate swelling, acne, or hair loss, but are minimal. It is important for some individuals to be careful. The prohormone cycle would last around 30 days. For others it is suggested that a liver support supplement is taken to make sure they will achieve the best results of conversion. The average shelf life of the substance is 2 to 3 years.

Once the prohormone cycle is completed, it will leave the body right away. Essentially, your body will lose strength and size and gain fat post cycle. This is the reason why a Post Cycle Therapy is recommended. In order for the body to get back to pre-cycle quality, a PCT will help to recover testosterone, promote strength, estrogen inhibition, minimize fat gain and cortisol.

After a prohormone cycle is completed, the compound immediately begins to leave the body. Essentially your body is ready to lose size and strength and gain fat post cycle. This is why a Post Cycle Therapy is highly recommended.

A PCT is needed to get your body back to the pre-cycle quality. This will help with testosterone recovery, promoting strength,cortisol, estrogen inhibition, minimizing fat gain and restoring overall health. Before starting with another prohormone, you should complete the full post cycle therapy.

Prohormones for Sale

You can buy prohormones online, make sure that you are dealing with a reliable source. They are also sold at many drug stores. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before making a purchase to make sure that you will take the right amount of prohormones. To achieve the result that you want, you should take it in a cycle. For others a liver support supplement is needed for the conversion of prohormones to anabolic steroids. Not all have the liver enzyme needed.

Prohormones are broken down into classes. Non-methylated and with less side effects belongs to Class 1. Class 2 is methylated and requires a liver support supplement. The prohormones that belongs to Class 3 and Class 4 are those that have completed the cycles and are accustomed to them already, to avoid harmful side effects.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind before you buy prohormones is that prohormones is not an ordinary substance that you have to take any time you want. It requires the right amount and time to achieve the result that you want.