News Express terminated reporter for inhuman act while reporting in Uttarakhand flood

News Express takes pride in being with the people and work for the people, our channel always worked with the intent of representing the people and the society.

 In last few days there has been a video circulation in various Social networking Websites where a reporter is sitting on the shoulder of a man while reporting in Uttarakhand flood, such an act by the reporter Mr. Narayan  Pargaien was  not just inhuman but was also against the culture of our esteemed organisation.

News Express Channel did not broadcast this video of Mr. Narayan  Pargaien  but it was uploaded by someone we don’t know, Mr. Pargaien was working as a Retainer with designation of a Reporter and on Tuesday (25-06-2013) This Channel  terminated Mr. Pargaien  with immediate effect, as such an act by the reporter is a Grave misconduct which goes against cultural values of our Channel.

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