27, May 2016

A Guide to Knowing the Different Kinds of Golf Equipment

Golf Attire

Golf courses require their players to wear a certain set of golf attire. The basic apparel for people who wish to play golf is a collared polo shirt and pair of slacks. There are some golf courses that allow shorts to be worn inside. Women also have the choice among golf pants, shorts, or skirts.

Players could also wear golf shoes, as most courses do not allow rubber shoes. These are shoes with soft spikes at the sole. The materials used for these spikes are usually plastic or metal. They are added to the shoes to help the player keep his balance when swinging and are made soft so that the ground and grass would not be destroyed by the shoes.


Golf balls

This is one of the most common golf equipment around. It is a small ball with dimples covering the surface. All golf balls, before it could be sold to the public, are required to pass a test of approval. There are also different kinds of golf balls available.

Golf Clubs

Clubs are used to hit the gold balls. This golf equipment could be the most expensive equipment that a player could buy in his quest to learn and play golf. As such, it would be better for a person to decide first whether he is really invested in playing sports before actually investing in the golf equipment. If he is not as determined or excited to play, it is highly recommended that he just borrow the golf clubs provided in the courses.

The different classes of clubs are the putters, wedges, irons, woods, and the hybrid. A player is allowed to bring a maximum of 14 clubs. All clubs are numbered depending on how long a distance they could make a ball fly.

Golf Bags

These bags were first designed to carry the clubs. There are bags made to be carried, wheeled around, and even placed in golf carts. Most of the golf clubs have side pockets where other golf equipment could be placed.

Golf Carts

These are the only kind of vehicles, aside from the utility vehicles, that are allowed inside the golf courses. The carts could transport either the players and their bags or their bags alone around the golf courses. The carts that are made only for golf equipment are called hand carts.

Club Head Covers

Club head covers are used to cover the head of the clubs so that the impact from collision when placed inside the golf bag could be lessened. Covering the clubs would prevent the clubs from getting abrasions and scratches. Club head covers also have numbers on them corresponding to the number of the club it is covering.

Ball Marker

Ball markers are used when a player needs to lift his ball from the ground and replace it with something that would mark the same location as the ball. Though balls are generally not allowed to be picked up, there are still some situations where it is necessary, such as when it falls in the line of the opponent’s putting.

Golf Tees

A golf tee is the small spike embedded in the ground and is used to hold the ball in place. This spike has a small cup at the top where the ball is placed. This is used so that a player has an easier shot of his ball and is used only for the first shot of the round. The tees come in different lengths. To choose an appropriate tee, a player would first choose a club and then choose a length that would match the club to be used. wide variety of equipment with different shapes and sizes are only available on