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14, July 2016

Significance Of Custom Challenge Coins

Lapel pins, badges, medals, emblems and patches can signify one’s membership to an organization by looking only at their collars and their clothes, but military men have their own unique way of telling that a man is an outstanding soldier or that he is part of a unit- and that is by producing a challenge coin. It is a small round disc, often being smaller than an inch in diameter to having three inches in diameter; containing a unit’s emblem or a department’s insignia, and shown during challenges to avoid paying a beer or two.

Following Are The Significance Of Custom Challenge Coins :

custom military coinsMilitary challenge coins are often placed in pockets or in wallets so they would be easy to produce when a challenge occurs. However, not all persons in possession of challenge coins engage in coin checks or in challenges. Most people (who do not engage in such challenges) consider their challenge coins as personal mementos, tokens of hardship, sacrifice and success that needs caring for. Some people do not even consider their custom challenge coins as “challenge coins” in the first place, since they are tokens of recognition from the people a man met, the places a man has been and the units and departments a man has been stationed with.

These people consider their coins as information triggers that could remind them of what has happened and of what can happen. To these people, their coins do not simply mean they are known members of an organization, but they are successful in their endeavors. At Challenge Coins 4 Less, your mementos will be built to last, like your memories linked with them.

Non-military coins are slowly gaining popularity these days as these challenge coins are being used in the Police and Fire departments, in fraternities, in NASCAR and the NFL. Even the Utah Symphony and Opera gave its members custom challenge coins in 2007, and it’s actually the first organization of its kind to do so – in America. More and more people and organizations are hooked in this coin minting activity that even business corporations and companies like Harley-Davidson have their motorcyclists form one of their own to show that they have a bond like those who served in the militia, and that they are proud that they are known to have this particular motorcycle ownership.

Custom Coins

These non-military custom challenge coins could also be made by Challenge Coins 4 Less, with little hassle and fast service, with free shipping all over USA! You can access their coin gallery when you visit their website. Most non-military coins that they are minting would be orders from the Police departments, fire departments and from business or private corporations; these coins could also be customized for your liking, and if you ever feel stuck with the design or the enhancements of your keepsake coins, the graphic artists will surely be there to help!

The memories, and the significance of your coins to you, as a recipient or as a collector, is taken very seriously at Challenge Coins 4 Less. That is why they are offering you many options to choose from when it comes to your coin packaging- there are other packaging available other than the standard PVC pouch that comes for free, like the velvet bag, the coin capsule, the velvet presentation box, the custom pouch insert and, the coin stand.

custom challenge coins

You could also pick from available metal styles such as polished gold, polished silver, black nickel, polished brass and polished copper as free standard options for your custom challenge coins. Your coins could have one-sided covering, or a two-sided coloring, but most people would still go for the traditional die struck coin that is manufactured when a die, containing an inverse version of the emblem or the design of your coin is struck on the coin. It creates a simple, elegant coin in the end. But that’s not all.

You will be given a four-step process to make your dream custom challenge coins, with free quote, artwork and proofing. Step one would include sending us your files and ideas through email. Step two would include choosing your coin shape. Step three includes choosing a metal style that would suit your style and your design. Then lastly, you will have more coin options to choose from, from coin packaging, to epoxy or enamel coating. All you need to do to get yours now would be clicking “approve” and giving the address of where you want to have it delivered!

Challengecoins4less offers a full scope of alternatives to make your Custom Challenge Coins as one of a kind as your unit.