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29, March 2016

Green Materials Used In Making Eco-Friendly ID Lanyards

Nylon and rubber are the top materials used in making ID lanyards. However, technological advancements in thread and fabric manufacturing gave birth to new materials used for ID holders. They paved the way to introducing threads that let customers order environment-friendly lanyards.

Bamboo ID Holders

Bamboo is known for making several furnishings and home design displays. Nevertheless, many textile companies are able to produce their own textile line using this wood material.

Unlike other wood types, bamboo is considered as the most resilient tree because of its form. Because of its resilience, converting bamboo fibers to textile thread is simple and without the need for harsh chemicals for processing. Therefore, bamboo threads woven to be ID lanyards emerge as the real eco-friendly badge holders sold today.

ID LanyardsAs a type of wood, potential buyers don’t think that this material is going to be comfortable on the skin. However, cloth made from bamboo threads are regarded as among the most comfortable material in fabric production. Threads produced have the same texture as cotton threads, which means that the produced fabric is comfortable on the skin. Many users don’t find them irritating on the skin because of bamboo’s organic feature.

Lanyard users with sensitive skin can wear them all day and daily without experiencing allergic reaction. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight material with durable properties that contribute to lanyards’ long term use. Nowadays, this is one of the most popular lanyard materials because of its availability and the number of people acknowledging its advantage as a textile.

PET Bottle ID Holders

PET, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, is also the last material that comes in mind in manufacturing ID holders. PET is the material used for making plastic soda and beverage bottles. Making ID lanyards out of this material may seem impossible on top of being challenging, but experts are able to produce them through a series of processes.

First, PET is shredded into fibers, which will be processed in making polyester threads in preparation for weaving. Once woven, providers will start printing necessary texts to personalize the lanyard or sell them as generic ones for buyers with rush orders. Despite being made from plastic material, it has no problem absorbing textile paint upon printing. PET bottle lanyards are comfortable to wear as the process converted PET fibers to soft threads.


Corn is known for being among the famous crops and staple food for people living in other parts of the world. However, special parts of this crop can be used as thread fiber after processing. Processing is also simple using new techniques utilized by textile companies. They make threads coming from this crop durable by subjecting them to various procedures, making them suitable for uses that require a great deal of weaving.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is one of the most famous fabric materials because it produces lightweight and breathable fabric. Getting 100 percent pure cotton even for lanyards translates to comfort whenever users wear them for work, school or other activities. Due to cotton’s features, buyers must expect price differences with other regular lanyard materials. Nevertheless, their features are enough to convince clients that they are worthy investments for companies or other activities. They can also come in various colors because cotton is easy to dye. Weaving is simpler and produces the finest lanyards with both durable and comfortable features.

Many companies and organizations are going green on their operations, which also prompted them to get eco-friendly ID lanyards as part of their goal. Eco-friendly badge holders come in a wide array of designs and accessories that match companies’ branding strategies. Budget-saving options are offered to help clients get these ID lace option at better prices.

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